Choctaw HS Senior Rep 2011

Check out Hannah, my Senior Rep for Choctaw High School!


What do you want to do after High School? Go to OU, major in Biochemestry with a minor in Buisness.  And then on to Medical School where I later plan to focus in dermatology and have my own practice in the OKC Area.

Biggest accomplishment? Going to London to share Christ with lost people.

 Biggest fear?  Creepy crawly insects and such things.

What do you most love?  My Jesus 🙂

What can’t you live with out?  I like to say a good book, but my mother would probably say my cell phone.  And I guess mother always knows best….

What was your last purchase? A McDouble, fries and a Diet Coke!

What is your favorite color? Pink, of course!

Describe your perfect day. Any day that I get to spend surrounded by people I love is pretty perfect.

Favorite Season? Fall!

Describe your life in one sentance. I am blessed beyond anything I could ever derseve.

If you had special powers what would they be? Hmm… The ability to repel bugs and things that live in the water at all times.

Why I love Patricia Gillis Photography.  She is an incredible photographer and knows exactly how to make a photoshoot fun!

As you can tell from her answers, Hannah is a sweet girl and knows exactly what’s important in her life!  I have a couple more spots open for senior reps at various schools.  If your interested in becoming a Senior Rep and would like to find out more email me: (insert the @ where the AT is) or you can leave a coment here ;-).


Jess & Andee

Andee and Jess are about the sweetest couple I have photographed!  They were so much fun and easy going.  They came down from Tulsa to have some engagement picutres done at the Myriad Gardens (where Jess proposed), but our plans were changed because of the renovations that they were doing at the time.  We were still able to get some amazing images, and some very funny ones of Jess’s brother helping him up onto one of the buffalos.  Enjoy your sneak peak guys 😉

I love the one above.  Its probably my favorite!

I really like this one too.

and this one…. can you have more that one favorite?

Jenny- MWC High School Senior 2010

It was so much fun hanging out with Jenny and her parents last weekend.  We headed down to Shawnee, hoping that some of the alley’s would block the wild Oklahoma wind!  It was seriously blowing.   Hair was going everywhere.  The wind did manage to die down often enough to snap a few without hair in Jenny’s face ;-D.  Okay, enough rambling…. on to the pictures.

 Jenny looks so good up against this green door.  I’m loving going down to Shawnee – I find something new every time!

So pretty!

Jenny had me laughing the entire time.  She would break out into what she liked to call RAD’s (random acts of dancing).  I was laughing so hard I didn’t get any pictures!  She was so much fun to work with, and pretty much up for anything.

I love this one!  She was great at given me some attitude and sass! Thanks for hanging out with me Jenny, and congratulations on your upcoming graduation!

the lawsons

With all the nice weather I have been swamped, so this post will be short on words.   If you are wanting to book a session contact me soon, I have two spots left in April and May is almost completely booked too!.   Enjoy your sneakity peaky Lawson Gang! 

Caught this one of mom and dad, too bad you cant hear the kids in the background.  It was really funny!

They are really blessed with the cutest kids. Even though the little stinker above had no time for smiling, he was too busy chasing the geese and picking the flowers.

B is in my sons class, and is the sweetest boy in the world – well next to mine 😉

Isn’t she just precious? She was hamming it up by the end of the session.

Thanks for letting me hang out with your awesome family!

Sherri and Pete

I have known Pete for several years now, a lot more than I care to own up to. We like to give each other a hard time. Well, let me rephrase that. He likes to give me a hard time, and all the dorky things I say make it really easy for him. I had a blast hanging out with them for their engagement session, and enjoyed getting to know Sherri a little better. I especially enjoyed having some back up (and a little more amo) when I picked on Pete. We were all over Downtown OKC that evening.

We started off at the Stage Center. I had stopped shooting over here a few years ago, but I’m loving it again.

We walked over to the Myriad Gardens after that. The day was so beautiful. There were photographers everywhere!

I caught this in one of those “in between moments”. It’s so sweet.

Had to do a ring shot of course.

I can’t decide which I like better. Color, or black and white?

Congrats Sherri and Pete! Can’t wait to shoot you at your wedding! HA!!!!

Sarah + Matt = LOVE

Okay, that title was a little on the cheesy side. I had the privilege of photographing their wedding a few weeks ago, and am just now getting to post there sneak peek. That’s how crazy it’s been around these parts! The computer was sick, the kids were sick, and now it’s me. But I am feeling a little better now that my “To Do” list is slimming down (just in time for the holidays right?) I really enjoyed getting to know these two as I photographed their special day. Matt was cracking me up the majority of the time and Sarah is the one sweet lady! I have only known her a short time, but she has been through a lot in her life. She deserves to be happy.

 These guys were a blast.  Pretty much up for anything I asked them to do and more!  

The instigator of it all!

Sarah and their sweet, sweet baby girl.

I mentioned doing a “Trash the Dress” session to Sarah.  I think that she might do it.  I hope so, I would love to have those in my portfolio!

This was her mother’s handkerchief, who had passed away earlier this year. 

awww…. I just love this one.

The cake had a light silver sparkle on it.  unfortunately I wasn’t able to capture it in camera.  I was really pretty.

Congratulations Matt and Sarah.  I wish you a lifetime of joy.

williams family

I was so excited to get and email from Holy saying she wanted her family portraits done.  I have known Holly since….. well for a really long time.  Our families attended the same church together when we were younger.  She looks great, and has beautiful family too!  Enjoy your sneak peek Holly.


We met out at Will Rogers Rose Garden.  I haven’t been there in a while.  I forgot how beautiful it is.  Especially in the fall. 



How can you resist this adorable face? Her eyes, and those cheeks!  I have a feeling that Holy looked a lot like this when she was a baby. 




Mr. C showing off his dance moves!


Hot Mamma!





I told him to give me his most studly look.  It just made him laugh!


October has flown by, and I have been having a blast!  I have a feeling that is going to be how the rest of the year is going to be for me.  I only have 3 available session dates open in November and 4 in Dec.  If you’re wanting pictures for Christmas contact me soon before the dates are gone!  Have a great weekend.  I know that I will! Heading down to the Big D for a little shopping with my girlfriends!