I had the opportunity to hang out with Mason and him Mom and Dad for a couple of hours Saturday night.  I photographed his older brother Mark a couple of years ago, and I knew I was going to have a great time.  I wasn’t disappointed!  Mason was a big goof, and made the session very fun!  Im loving all of the fall colors.  My favorite time of the year to photograph people!  I’m going to be short on words again tonight, Im about to fall asleep as I type. 





I’ve been playing around with texture lately. What do you think? 


There is a very cool story behind his hat.  The lead singer of a hardcore/heavy metal band gave him this hat.  Don’t ask me the name of the band, all I can remember is it had the word “Hate” in it.  That kind of music scares the life out of me! Ha Ha Ha!  My husband could probably tell you the name of the band though……




The last one was fun, I kept making him jump over and over again.  I think he was getting a tiny bit annoyed with me, but I love how it turned out!


sneakity peakity

I had a blast hanging out with Katie last night as we made our way around downtown OKC.  I enjoyed getting to know her, she was easy going and a lot of fun to be around.  That makes for a great session!  I’m going to be short on words today, and let the pictures show you this beautiful young lady.   Enjoy your sneak peak Katie.





The image above was made possible with a little help from her mom and a minor trespassing violation or two. 🙂


I love the way the sun lit up these last two!


The Roach family

I wanted to get this post up before I ship my computer off for repairs.  Every once in a while it just decides it needs to shut down.  So I will have to share a computer with my husband for the next couple of weeks.  I’m not looking forward to it, but I will try and play nice!  HA!! 

Okay, enough about me and my computer woes and on to this GORGEOUS family.  I have been wanting to photograph them for a while now. I was so excited that I finally got to do it!  Even though the weather was a little dreary, and a bit on the chilly side every one was great. And I think the kiddos had a great time running around everywhere.  Within 15 min their little cheeks and noses were pink:).   Normally I preview a variety of  conversions, but as I was working on these I was absolutely loving every black and white conversion.   Okay, picture time!………


The family.  And dad trying to give me his best smoldering look!  He was such a good sport, I have to give him a hard time.  He did eventually crack a smile!


Their beautiful children.  They were such good kids.  Their son, K, reminded me so much of my Josh with all of his energy.


Sweet Miss D.  So precious, she and her sister are only going to get more beautiful as they grow up. 


Miss H.  Equally as precious.  Watch out mom and dad!


Miss K and Mister K.  There is something really captivating about this picture.  I know that it will always be treasured. While I was with them that evening it was obvious how much they loved their big sister.  I think they like it when she is home from college. 


WOW!  She must have about 20 boys wanting to date her.  She was so sweet. This was the first time that I got to meet her since she goes to college where orange is a very popular color. I tried not to hold it against her.    

I know I keep saying how sweet every one was, but they were.  I just can’t get over it. Their parents are truly blessed.  


What can I say about K?  He was everywhere.  Looking at everything.  Chasing the ducks.  Teasing his sisters.  Exasperating Mom and Dad, and loving every minute of it.  He is every bit of what a boy should be.  I had so much fun in the couple of min alone with him taking his pictures.  Teasing him about how cute and pretty he is.  He was a good sport and laughed right along with me, even though he did blush a little. 


I love black and white.  The only thing that y’all are missing is their beautiful blue eyes. 


This is where the kids get their good looks from.  Isn’t she beautiful? 


Isn’t he lucky?  A gorgeous wife, beautiful (and well behaved) children.  Well, maybe, just maybe they get a little of their good looks from their dad. But just a little. 


One more that I had to share of Miss D and her daddy.  I don’t remember what it is that we were laughing about.  We were laughing so much!  But I love it.  I want to laugh and smile right along with them!  Thanks guys for letting me come and hang out with you.  I had a blast!

one more for Roxanne

and her sweet ride!  Almost done with editing your session… they’re lookin’ good.



I got to hang out with this lovely young lady this weekend for a couple hours.  Had a great time trapsing all around downtown OKC shooting her senior pictures.   We got some really awsome shots, and I think I may have found a new favorite place or two to shoot.  I love it when that happens!  DSC_4550

Love me some backlight…


I found this chair at a garage sale in my neighbor hood the day before the session.  It was only a dollar, couldn’t pass it up.


I love this vintage look, and thought it would look great on this image.  This is deffinatly one of my favorites, I love the attitude that she’s got goin’ on. DSC_4475

Did I mention that she was beautiful?   I just love the way her eyes look in this one.  As I was going through the images from the session I was noticing how reflective her eyes are.  Just gorgeous.


Another one where her eyes looked amazing!  The light was great that day.


Another with a little attitude and a great old metal stair case.


Roxanne was great to work with; lots of fun, and super sweet.   Last one…. for now. 


If you are wanting to book a session, call or email me.  I have one or two Session date left in October, and they are going fast for November!

Nathan & Heather

Whew… this post has been a long time in coming. The last couple of months have been hectic, and things don’t look like there slowing down at all! Which is a good thing…. maybe. This post will be short on words but long on pictures. I have tons of catching up to do. Congratulations Nathan and Heather, may you have a long and blessed marriage.

I have to stop and comment here on how much I love the image on the right. It’s probably my favorite from the entire wedding. Actually brought tears to my eyes. Nathan was looking at Heather like this all the way down the aisle. You can see all the love he has for Heather, and the joy knowing that she is his wife!

Technical stuff

My website will be temporarily off line for the next 2 to 3 days while I (attempt) to switch servers. You can still contact me at (insert appropriate symbols) 😉   Have a fun and relaxing Labor Day Weekend!