Stewart family

Finally!  I had a great time the other day chasing this family around the park.  They were great.  Dad is deploying to Korea in a few months and they wanted to get some family shots before he left for a year.  The twins were a hoot,  and I spent a bunch of time during editing trying to figure out which one was which… but I did it.  Here ya go, I know you’ll love them!


I just couldn’t resist this look there oldest was giving me.  He has that sneaky look in his eyes, you just know he’s about to do something crazy! 


Thing 1.  I’m told that he has this look on his face A LOT.  I see this look a lot from my husband.   “Huh?” 


Thing 2. These two did not want to sit down. Ever.  Always running.  But that’s okay,  2 year olds’ are supposed to keep you moving right?


I just love this one.   Love the quietness of the portait.  The light is warm.  This is also the longest they all sat still. 


Let me just tell you for a bit about the things that we photographers do to get laughs and smiles out of kiddos.  I think I used every single one of them this night.  I had(pretend) birds flying around my head, and pooping on my head.  I had ducks, and fish, and squirrels in my camera lens.  Mommy and Daddy played a monster that was going to get me if they didn’t laugh.  And to top it off, I wore a (clean) diaper on my head.  In public.  I used to do it for two kids that I babysat as a teenager, and they just thought it was the funniest thing.  But that was in their house, not in public with people walking around. 

Thanks for letting me hang out with you guys for the evening I had a blast!