Sneak Peak time!!

I got to meet up with these kiddos earlier this week.  I went to college with there mom… back in the day.  I think it was a Wednesday.  Wait, that’s not right.  Anyways.  So I have known the boys for about 9 years (that makes me feel really old).  I haven’t seen them in about  two or three years.  Let me just tell you; a lot changes in two or three years with boys.   But first let me introduce you to Miss A.  I personally think she one of the prettiest girls in town.   I couldn’t decide which conversion I like better… I just love the flowers.


She is just a couple of weeks older than my little girl.  Its a great age!


This is Mr. B.  He has AMAZING eyes.  Just beautiful, and he likes to hide them behind his bangs.  What can you do, he’s 14. 


Mr. C  was super sweet.  He was willing to help me with my reflector and getting his brothers and sister to laugh. 


And this is Mr. E.  What a great smile!  I could just stare at his picture for ever.  He was so easy going.


the trouble makers  boys….  Did I mention that they just adored little Miss A?  I didn’t?  Well from what I saw they do. 


And she thinks they hung the moon. 


Thanks for letting me come and hang out with you guys! 

On another note… I have a few spots still open in August, and September is filling up fast.  So contact me now if you want to schedule your appointment!!