Hannah’s new friend.

I have noticed lately that my lovely daughter has been holding her finger like this.  I didn’t really think much of it. I asked her if she hurt her finger a couple of times she would tell me no, and then return to her incomprehensible chatter.  Okay, just normal crazy two year old stuff.  Then one day last week, as I was getting her out of her car seat she asked for a kiss.  Of course I told her, then I was informed that I also needed to kiss her finger “Mallie”.  Um, okay, my daughter has lost it.  She named her finger Mallie.  I kiss her finger, because that’s what moms do.  We kiss fingers that our children name Mallie.   

Today, as we were leaving for church, she exclaimed that she forgot Mallie.  Josh, my 5 year old asked who Mallie was.  You know, that was an excellent question.  I assumed that she named her finger, yes its weird, but she is MY daughter.  I’m sure the apple didn’t fall far.   She promptly place her hands on her hips and told him it was her bird.  Her actions made it clear that she thought Josh was a complete dummy.  Didn’t we know about her bird, Mallie?  No Hannah, we did not know you had a bird named Mallie. 

Tonight while eating dinner, she was holding her finger out again kissing it.  Daddy asked what she was doing.  Thats when he found out about Mallie.  We also learned that she had pink wings and a purple body.  Daddy suggested that she put the bird on her shoulder so she could eat and hold the bird at the same time. 

this is supposed to show the bird on her shoulder.  Just go along with it. 

Josh, who is having a very hard time with his sister having an imaginary friend, told her that he couldn’t see the bird, and asked her if she ate it.  She promptly showed him that it wasn’t in her mouth.  Then he said that he was going to eat it.  That made her cry, and after she calmed down from crying, she walked over and hit Josh on the head.  Like I said, the apple didn’t fall far.  I was horribly mean to my brother, but he deserved it.  I’m sure she thinks that he does too.

Well, at least I don’t have to clean up the poop.  🙂


Best Shot Monday

Some of the photography blogs that I visit have a best shot Monday post every week.  I thought it would be fun to do this, and it would get me to take my cammera with me more often. 

This shot I risked my life for.  I was challenged to capture a sunflare, on a photography forum that I belong to. Im pretty short, so I needed something to stand on to get this shot I had envisioned in my head.  I grabbed a small table that we keep out side for the kids to eat on when we have a “picnic”.  I got up on it, took a few shots, and as I was getting off the table broke underneath me.  I fell, hit my head, got a couple of bruises on my arms, but the scariest thing was that I landed on my cammera.  THANK GOD nothing happened to it.  I’m alright too.  My husband asked me why I didn’t stand on the ladder, which was right next to the table.  I told him that I needed to use the table so that I would have an interesting story to go along with the picture.  Im such a dork.  


sneak peak time!

I promised this little growing family that I would have a sneak peak up today.  I did their session on Saturday.  They were a ton of fun.  So with out further ado here you go….

first up Miss M.


 I love this one.


isn’t this sweet?


last one.  Probably my favorite of just her. 


Thank you so much for letting me come and take these pictures.  I cant wait to meet the new Miss M and take her picture too!

web site and other random news.

After much turmoil my brand new website from Flash Palette is up.  It was super easy to design and put together, uploading it was not, but that is not FP’s fault.  The fault belongs entirely to me.  To make a very long story short, I deleted the entire web directory (very bad).  I had to have my host move it to another platform to get it to work.  I have no idea what a platform is, unless it has to do with shoes, but it worked after the very nice lady fixed it. And my super bff, Liane, helped me to upload my new and improved site, with out deleting anything.  I love her!  And in case I haven’t told you lately, you rock Liane!

Okay so the new and improved site is up.  Right now it is just the galleries, but hopefully by the end of next week everything will be up. 

In other random news,  Josh got student of the month for March.  It was given for initiative.  We are so proud of him.  Way to go Josh!  He is doing very well in school, and we couldn’t be happier. 

I had a maternity session on Saturday, and will be posting a sneak peek tomorrow. 

See ya tomorrow.