Jenny- MWC High School Senior 2010

It was so much fun hanging out with Jenny and her parents last weekend.  We headed down to Shawnee, hoping that some of the alley’s would block the wild Oklahoma wind!  It was seriously blowing.   Hair was going everywhere.  The wind did manage to die down often enough to snap a few without hair in Jenny’s face ;-D.  Okay, enough rambling…. on to the pictures.

 Jenny looks so good up against this green door.  I’m loving going down to Shawnee – I find something new every time!

So pretty!

Jenny had me laughing the entire time.  She would break out into what she liked to call RAD’s (random acts of dancing).  I was laughing so hard I didn’t get any pictures!  She was so much fun to work with, and pretty much up for anything.

I love this one!  She was great at given me some attitude and sass! Thanks for hanging out with me Jenny, and congratulations on your upcoming graduation!