I got to hang out with this lovely young lady this weekend for a couple hours.  Had a great time trapsing all around downtown OKC shooting her senior pictures.   We got some really awsome shots, and I think I may have found a new favorite place or two to shoot.  I love it when that happens!  DSC_4550

Love me some backlight…


I found this chair at a garage sale in my neighbor hood the day before the session.  It was only a dollar, couldn’t pass it up.


I love this vintage look, and thought it would look great on this image.  This is deffinatly one of my favorites, I love the attitude that she’s got goin’ on. DSC_4475

Did I mention that she was beautiful?   I just love the way her eyes look in this one.  As I was going through the images from the session I was noticing how reflective her eyes are.  Just gorgeous.


Another one where her eyes looked amazing!  The light was great that day.


Another with a little attitude and a great old metal stair case.


Roxanne was great to work with; lots of fun, and super sweet.   Last one…. for now. 


If you are wanting to book a session, call or email me.  I have one or two Session date left in October, and they are going fast for November!


Nathan & Heather

Whew… this post has been a long time in coming. The last couple of months have been hectic, and things don’t look like there slowing down at all! Which is a good thing…. maybe. This post will be short on words but long on pictures. I have tons of catching up to do. Congratulations Nathan and Heather, may you have a long and blessed marriage.

I have to stop and comment here on how much I love the image on the right. It’s probably my favorite from the entire wedding. Actually brought tears to my eyes. Nathan was looking at Heather like this all the way down the aisle. You can see all the love he has for Heather, and the joy knowing that she is his wife!

Technical stuff

My website will be temporarily off line for the next 2 to 3 days while I (attempt) to switch servers. You can still contact me at (insert appropriate symbols) 😉   Have a fun and relaxing Labor Day Weekend!