Lawson Gang

I met up with this sweet family tonight, and other than battling the wind we had a great time walking around (sometimes running) the Rose Garden at Will Rodgers Park.  Here is the whole gang.  Probably my favorite pose for families.


Mr. W just turned a year old.  Isn’t this the cutes little smile?


Miss B… she was an absolute doll.  I have way to many cute pictures of her to choose from.


Mr. B is the same age as my little boy, and it’s a fun, fun age. 


I just love his red hair, and he has the most gorgeous eyes.   He sure is a cutie, even though his favorite subject is math! 


I don’t think I would have made it through the session if it wasn’t for Mr. M.  He helped me so much by holding my reflector. It’s not easy to hold a reflector and take a picture at the same time.  And he did awsome job, he didn’t even let it get blown away by the wind.


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