3 Little Ladies and a Bride

I had so much fun taking these pictures.  Those little girls are gorgeous, let me tell you.  Daddies get your keys out and lock them up now!  The bride is beautiful, as all brides should be, but she was so funny too.  She even reenacted a few scenes from “Superstar”.  So funny.  Hope that you enjoy!





Sneak Peak Huff family!

Its REALLY late and I have to get up REALLY EARLY, but I wanted to give this very sweet and patient family a sneak peak of there session.  Happy Mothers Day Sheenia here ya go!

Miss S.  I have several pictures like this with her tongue doing wild and crazy things.  They are so funny!

Three beautiful ladies

dont they look good together?  I love me a man in uniform (that’s why I went out with my hubby by the way)

love this one, so quiet and peaceful. 

 Hope that you enjoyed them!

Photo tiles

These are the coolest things.  Great for gifts (cough.. mothers day….cough). 



I am thinking about offering these to clients, and also selling my still life/landscape/nature photography. 

Let me know if you are interested!