Choctaw HS Senior Rep 2011

Check out Hannah, my Senior Rep for Choctaw High School!


What do you want to do after High School? Go to OU, major in Biochemestry with a minor in Buisness.  And then on to Medical School where I later plan to focus in dermatology and have my own practice in the OKC Area.

Biggest accomplishment? Going to London to share Christ with lost people.

 Biggest fear?  Creepy crawly insects and such things.

What do you most love?  My Jesus 🙂

What can’t you live with out?  I like to say a good book, but my mother would probably say my cell phone.  And I guess mother always knows best….

What was your last purchase? A McDouble, fries and a Diet Coke!

What is your favorite color? Pink, of course!

Describe your perfect day. Any day that I get to spend surrounded by people I love is pretty perfect.

Favorite Season? Fall!

Describe your life in one sentance. I am blessed beyond anything I could ever derseve.

If you had special powers what would they be? Hmm… The ability to repel bugs and things that live in the water at all times.

Why I love Patricia Gillis Photography.  She is an incredible photographer and knows exactly how to make a photoshoot fun!

As you can tell from her answers, Hannah is a sweet girl and knows exactly what’s important in her life!  I have a couple more spots open for senior reps at various schools.  If your interested in becoming a Senior Rep and would like to find out more email me: (insert the @ where the AT is) or you can leave a coment here ;-).


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