Sherri and Pete

I have known Pete for several years now, a lot more than I care to own up to. We like to give each other a hard time. Well, let me rephrase that. He likes to give me a hard time, and all the dorky things I say make it really easy for him. I had a blast hanging out with them for their engagement session, and enjoyed getting to know Sherri a little better. I especially enjoyed having some back up (and a little more amo) when I picked on Pete. We were all over Downtown OKC that evening.

We started off at the Stage Center. I had stopped shooting over here a few years ago, but I’m loving it again.

We walked over to the Myriad Gardens after that. The day was so beautiful. There were photographers everywhere!

I caught this in one of those “in between moments”. It’s so sweet.

Had to do a ring shot of course.

I can’t decide which I like better. Color, or black and white?

Congrats Sherri and Pete! Can’t wait to shoot you at your wedding! HA!!!!


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