Zac and Kyla

Let me start off by saying how sweet this couple is.  If I remember correctly there first date lasted over 12 hours.  They spent all night in brick town talking, and finished there date by eating breakfast at IHOP.  Just look at how much love is on their faces. 


My flash didn’t fire during there first kiss, but they didn’t mind redoing it for me!


some detail shots:  her flowers….


her jewelry, dress and veil….


her dress was absolutely GORGEOUS! 


the rings


and the beautiful cake…


Kyla’s mom and bridesmaids helping her get the finishing touches on!


Zac and his goofballs best men  🙂


Isn’t she lovely?


I’m not sure why I like this one, but I do.  Something about it just makes me smile!


Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your special day!  Best wishes to you Zac and Kyla, for a long joy-filled marriage.

One Response to “Zac and Kyla”

  1. Julie Says:

    Beautiful Bride, Handsome Groom, Awesome photographer!

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